Friday, January 30, 2009

Former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele was elected RNC Chairman on the sixth ballot. He is the first black to be elected to the post. Read the entire story at:

I will watch with interest Governor Steele's leadership of the national party. He is moderate politically at best and has not been a big fan of the Christian right. He seems to pander to the big money in the party.
A real problem for the GOP in November was their unwillingness to embrace a STRONG GROUND GAME. TV, print ads, and new media are great for defining a candidate, but engaging the voter face to face is fundamental to winning races and the national party has abandoned that time honored strategy. Money is necessary in politics, but arms and legs on the street will beat money EVERY TIME if organized and executed with effeciency.
Ken Blackwell was a man that understood that premise--I'm not sure Steele does. As a party activist, Steele will have to convince me his interests are organizing the base and not using the Chairman's post as a stepping stone to further his political career. Republicans needed an organizer and a motivator at this point in time and I'm not sure Steele is the right choice, but I will reserve judgment until I see what his game plan is. If it's the same old raise money and hire consultants to spend it, then look for Republicans to stay in the minority in Washington for the next couple of decades.


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