Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mary Matalin- Former advisor to Dick Cheney- introduced Liz Cheney

“The Southern thing is the American thing.”
Liz Cheney-daughter of former VP Dick Cheney- head of Keep America Safe-

“Nothing convinces people of the merits of conservatism more than seeing the alternative in action.”
JC Watts- former Congressman- head of JC Watts Companies-

“We don’t need more taxes- we need more taxpayers.”

“We should exercise our first amendment rights and right to peaceful assembly, but we should do it in Christian love.

“The problem in Washington isn’t that we don’t tax too much, but we spend too much.”

“History will be kind to George W. Bush.”
Newt Gingrich-former Speaker of the House- Head of American Solutions-

“This is the most radical administration in American history.”

“Obama has created a secular socialism machine in Washington that is telling Americans that he doesn’t care what they think- he’s in control.”

Three Assignments for Activists:

(1) Start talking about Obama’s SECULAR SOCIALIST MACHINE
(2) Use Solidarity slogan of 2+2=4 in the 2010 elections
(3) Evolve from the Party of No to the Party of ideas.
Tony Perkins- Oklahoma native- former Louisiana State Legislator- Head of the Family Research Council-

“One third of American children are growing up with no father in their life.”

A retiring Marine who was retiring from the service was asked why and he said, “When I joined the service, homosexuality was illegal, and then it was optional. I’m getting out before it becomes mandatory.”
Sarah Palin- former Governor of Alaska- 2008 GOP VP candidate- Head of SarahPac-

“Someone should tell the President that just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

“What wrong with our being the Party of NO if what Congress does violates the Constitution?”

“Let’s drill Baby drill, not Stall Baby Stall.”

“Our energy independence is directly tied to our national security.”
Andrew Breitbart- News aggregator-former editor of the Drudge Report- Head of

“Mainstream media is ‘on the other side.”

“I care more about America than I do about my stinking website.”
Rick Perry- Governor of Texas

Republicans should be about three things:
(1) Strong Military
(2) Securing our borders
(3) Delivering the mail on time
TED CRUZ- former Solicitor General of Texas- Candidate for AG, Texas-

4 things Conservatives need to remember:
(1) Stand for principle
(2) Find the right candidates- ones with principle. Backbone, and communication skills
(3) Understand the opposition
(4) Demand Change
David Vitter- U.S. Senator of Louisiana- Candidate for re-election-

“Reach out to our tea party brothers and sisters. The tea party movement will be the fuel to supercharge the November elections.”
Rick Santorum- former U.S. Senator of Pennsylvania

“Conservatism did not fail America- conservatives failed conservatism.”

“America is a melting pot, not a mosaic.”

Mike Pence- Congressman from Indiana

“I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican in that order.”

“Elect a Moral Congress.”
Haley Barbour- Governor of Mississippi- Chairman of the Republican Governors Association-

“You mention cutting the budget and that sends cold chills up some politician’s spines- those that have a spine.”

“The main thing is the keep the main thing the main thing.” Fred Smith- Federal Express

“Barrack Obama has worn out three sets of knee pads praying that in 2010, conservatives will be spilt.”
Herman Kane- former President/CEO of Godfathers-Radio Talk Show Host-

“No where in the Constitution does it authorize a Department of Happiness."

Three things we need to do to win in November:

(1) Stay connected
(2) Stay Informed
(3) Stay Inspired

“The only way we will take back our country is by education. Give people information and that allows them to connect the dots themselves.”

Ron Paul- Congressman from Texas

“Elect those who will obey the constitution and we’re be out of this mess in no time.”

“Obama is not a socialist- he is a corporatist.”

“The most dangerous man to government is one who thinks for himself.” Henry Louis Mencken

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