Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On Tuesday morning, about 50 people gathered in Duncan to hear Senator Tom Coburn. In an informal town hall format, Coburn began by stating the real problem with the federal government is SPENDING. He continued that theme throughout the 90 minute meeting. One lady in attendance said the only way the US was going to get our financial affairs in order was to 'tax the rich.' "Five percent of the people pay ninety percent of the taxes," Senator Coburn responded. "We are already taxing the wealthiest Americans," he said.
"I will never vote for a tax increase so long as I know there is over 350 billion dollars of waste in our federal budget annually," Coburn said.
"One in nineteen Americans under the age of 65 are on Social Security disability. We have widespread fraud in our disability program," Coburn said. He related a personal story of how a man who was drawing disability asked him(Dr. Coburn) to pay him in cash or write the check to his mother for trimming trees because he was on Social Security disability. Coburn refused and said he paid him by check and sent a copy to the Social Security office which brought applause. Read the Fox News story concerning SS disability fraud at
Coburn is a breath of fresh air to politics. After interacting with politicos for months who will say anything to get a vote, Coburn is a refreshing contrast. He projects a genuine air of confidence that reassures the listener that he not only believes what he says, but knows what he is talking about.
America is fortunate that Dr. Tom was willing to give up twelve years of his life to serve in the Senate and six years in the House. We need 99 more like him.

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LD Jackson said...

I just wish he was term limiting himself. He is a great Senator and one of a kind, indeed.