Thursday, August 28, 2014


Weekly Opinion Editorial
by Steve Fair

     Word is that President Obama is about to sign an Executive Order that will grant  amnesty to around five million illegal immigrants living in the U.S.  According to Congressman Jose Gutierrez, (D- IL), the President will sign the XO when he returns next week from Estonia and Wales.  Guitierrez described the possible action as, “huge.”  He went on to say that when he and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus met with the President last month Obama assured them he wouldn’t deport their people.  To say America’s immigration issue is a complicated one that divides Republicans and Democrats is an understatement.
     Some advocates- in both Parties- favor deporting every illegal immigrate back to their home country, no matter what their age.  They correctly point out the immigrate came into America ILLEGALLY.  They want the INS to round up the illegals and bus them back to the border.  They believe many of those illegals are taking jobs away from Americans. 
     Those on the other side of the argument say the reason many immigrates are illegal is because the immigration policy is broken in America.  They claim that many who entered the country legally remained here after their visa has expired because the INS is inept and unable to process paperwork in a timely manner(absolutely true).  They point out that many illegals came to America as children and had no choice in the matter.  President Obama took care of many of those illegal children when he signed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act in June of 2012. 
     Some prominent Republicans advocate a ‘pathway to citizenship, including former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating.  In a Los Angeles Times editorial last November entitled, “What would Reagan do,” Keating wrote: “Unfortunately, too many conservatives — though they aspire to walk in Reagan's footsteps — have forgotten that immigration reform is the most Republican of causes. We cannot support open borders for trade but not for people. We cannot support the unfettered exchange of goods and ideas while building razor-wired walls that separate children from their parents. We cannot make America stronger and more prosperous by excluding tomorrow's talent and industry.”  The article implied former President would have granted amnesty to illegal immigrants (Reagan did in fact grant a ‘pathway to citizenship for three million illegals in 1986, but not by Executive Order). 
     At their June 2014 state convention, the Texas Republican Party voted to restore a plank in the state party platform that had been removed two years earlier.  The restored plank calls for no amnesty, a verified secured border and penalizing employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers.  The resolution was approved after a long debate. “Just as we should not negotiate with terrorists…we should not negotiate or accommodate people who are not respecting our laws,” said Ivette Lozano, a delegate from Dallas. 
     Some Republicans believe taking such a hardline stand will hurt the GOP with Hispanics, Asians, and other minorities.  But according to Gallup, only 3 percent of those contacted said that immigration was their most important issue.  Yanil (no last name given), a Hispanic women says illegals get no respect among legal immigrates.  As a Hispanic I can tell you, most of us are against illegals. I was born to immigrants. Long story short, in my opinion, it's not fair that illegals get a free pass for crossing the border, while others do things legally,” She said. 
     Illegal immigrants aren’t currently allowed to vote in elections (hence the term illegal),  but if a New York state legislator has his way, that could change.  State Senator Gustavo Rivera, who represents the Bronx, wants to grant the estimated three million illegal immigrants in New York state the right to vote if they have lived in New York for three years and paid taxes.  Rivera says he has the support to get the bill passed and signed into law.  New York would be the first state to grant the right to vote to illegal immigrants.
     I have not touched on the national security threat an open border policy presents or the cost to taxpayers to educate and provide social services to millions of illegal immigrants pouring into our country.  Granting amnesty by Executive Order is not the way to deal with illegal immigration.  President Obama should put down his pen and work with Congress to hammer out a common sense solution on this important issue.   Contact President Obama and tell him to not grant amnesty to illegal immigrants by Executive Order.  Here is the link to do it by email

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