Monday, March 2, 2015


Weekly Opinion Editorial
 by Steve Fair
     On May 14, 1948, the United States, under President Harry Truman, became the first country to extend any form of recognition to the State of Israel.  A year later, the U.N. recognized Israel as a nation in a General Assembly vote.  The land modern day Israel currently occupies was once an area called Palestine.  For more than 1200 years the dominate population there was Arabic.  Starting in the late 1880s, steady stream of Jews from throughout the world begin to migrate to the area, buying up land from the Arabs.  After about 50 years, they formed a nation and petitioned the United Nations to be recognized by the world as a nation.  The United States led the battle to get Israel recognized.
Israel has long been America’s friend and the U.S. has had Israel’s back. 
     Throughout the years, no matter what political Party was in power in the U.S., Israel has been one of America’s strongest allies.  Presidents of both parties have welcomed the Prime Minister of Israel onto our soil as one an honored guest, but that day has gone.   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in America and President Barrick Obama has no plans to meet with him.  Netanyahu addressed Congress yesterday at the invitiation of Speaker John Boehne, with Vice President Joe Biden and a number of Democrats boycotting the speech. 
     Netanyahu is concerned about a potential nuclear deal the Obama administration is working on with Iran.  He says the deal threatens the survival of Israel.  "Iran envelops the entire world with its tentacles of terror,” Netanyahu said.  He warned lawmakers that Iran would most certainly pursue Israel's destruction if it obtained a nuclear weapon.  “We must not let that happen,” he said.
     On Monday, Senator John McCain, (R-Ariz), said this is the worse he has ever seen the U.S.-Israel relationship in his tenure in the Senate.  Oklahoma U.S. Senator James Lankford, who serves on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said, “I am pleased that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address Congress and meet with a bipartisan group of Congressional leaders,” said Lankford. “America has no closer friend in the world than Israel. During a time of considerable unrest in the Middle East, we must work with and hear from our ally, Israel. Washington must strengthen our friendship with Israel, especially as our two countries work to prevent Iran from possessing nuclear weapons.”
     Secretary of State John Kerry is opening a new round of talks with Iran in Switzerland on a possible deal on nuclear capability with Iran.  Susan Rice said the U.S. was seeking a deal that would cut off "every single pathway" Iran has to producing a nuclear weapon. She said President Obama is keeping all options on the table for blocking Tehran's pursuit of a bomb and declared that "a bad deal is worse than no deal." Three thought about this important subject:
     First, America better stop abandoning their friends.  America’s foreign policy is non-existent.  President Obama has destroyed any creditability America had in the world, by talking big and doing nothing.  No third world dictator takes his threats seriously and that puts our fighting men and women in damage.  You have to talk softly and carry a big stick as Teddy Roosevelt said.  The Middle East has always been a hotbed, but it has not been this hot in years and if you throw a nuke in the middle of that, we’re looking at WWIII.
     Second, why are we negotiating with a nation that sponsors terrorism?  And is a bad deal worse than no deal?  Those are timely questions. Iran has publically said they want to destroy America.  If they get nukes, they will use them.  Do we really think we can trust them in negotiations?  And a bad deal is very often worse than no deal.  To say something that naïve is mindboggling, particularly when it is coming from a senior administration official. 
      Third, America better stay on the side of Israel.  The Jews are God’s chosen nation.  It’s in the scripture.  Does Israel do everything right?  Not by a far sight, but Israel is going to survive and if America wants to survive, we better line up behind them.

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