Monday, September 8, 2008

Oklahoma Delegation asks the RNC
for Vote Confirmation!
(Oklahoma City, OK - September 8, 2008): Oklahoma Republican Party Gary Jones, joined by RNC National Committeeman James Dunn and RNC National Committeewoman Carolyn McLarty, today called on the Republican National Committee to clarify Oklahoma's vote as tallied in the official record of the 39th Republican National Convention held last week at the Xcel Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. "The proper tally is Senator John McCain 39, Congressman Ron Paul 2."Oklahoma delegates are rightfully concerned that their votes have been reflected correctly," Jones said. "No votes were cast by Senator Inhofe before Oklahoma's microphone was turned off, and the convention staff assumed that all of the Sooner State's votes were being cast for McCain.""Oklahoma's delegates are bound by law to vote for the candidate who won the area they represent - either the state as a whole or the individual congressional district," Jones continued. "John McCain won the third, fourth and fifth congressional districts and Oklahoma overall; Governor Mike Huckabee won the first and second congressional districts and later released his delegates. Of those six former Huckabee delegates, who could vote for whichever candidate they chose, four supported McCain and two supported Congressman Ron Paul."
Chairman Gary Jones, outgoing RNC National Committeeman Lynn Windel and outgoing RNC National Committeewoman Bunny Chambers voted for Senator McCain to reflect Oklahoma's overall vote."It is important that votes be recorded correctly and state party rules be followed," said Jones. "Only by following the rules can we ensure a fair process.""Oklahoma's Republican delegates and I look forward to working with Republicans across the state to elect our nominee, Senator John McCain, the next president of the United States," Jones concluded.


Rebel said...

Thank you Steve for monitoring this issue. We all hope that the RNC can bring it upon themselves to properly record the Oklahoma delegation's vote at the Naitonal Convention. The last time I checked, it still was not properly recorded.

Thomas Kiene

Steve Fair is a political activist. said...


I enjoyed meeting you at the convention and I appreciate your passion. I'm confident Gary, Carolyn and James will get it recorded correctly. It was unfortunate that it happened, but as I stated when we talked- start making a difference at the local level and you will see government change. Thanks for taking equity in the process and for reading my dribble.