Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday September 2, 2008- 10am

Tuesday morning began with breakfast at 8am. This morning's speaker was Ron Kessler , Keesler, 65, is an American journalist and author. He is chief Washington correspondent of the conservative news and commentary website Newsmax.com. Kessler wrote A Matter of Character in 2004 which was a book about George W. Bush's presidency. Introduced by Mayor Mick Cornett's COS, David Holt, Kessler's comments were brief and to the point. He predicted David Holt would one day come to Washington as a member of Congress. "Obamas achievements thus far have been purely to get him elected," Kessler said. "It's amazing a person of Obama's age has been able to achieve so little in his lifetime," Kessler said to loud applause. See Kessler's photo above.

USA Today is reporting that several members of the Connecticut were attacked by protesters when going to the Xcel center yesterday. They attempted to ripped the credentials off several members of the delegation and sprayed them with pepper spray. Over 200 protesters were arrested. A Fox News correspondent questioned a number of protesters asking them to identified well known political figures and the responses were amazing. Airing on Fox & Friend this morning, the segment revealed many of the protesters are clueless on who are are protesting.

Our second speaker this morning was Oklahoma 4th District Congressman Tom Cole. Cole said, "If Barack Obama is elected as President and the Democrats retain control of the House and Senate, he will sign anything Reid and Peloski put on his desk." Cole went on to say the Democrats will try to portray Sarah Palin as a hillbilly coming to Washington. "Someone told me they expected Palin to have a "deer in the highlights" look at the press conference announcing her selection as VP," Cole said, "but I told them remember she shoots deer." Cole emphasised that whatever the outcome, this election was going to a historical one. "I want conservatives to understand the Democrat ticket has the most liberal Senator and the third most liberal Senator running." "And the criticism about Palin's experience is unwarranted." "If Obama's experience makes him ready to be President, then Palin is overqualified to be V.P.", Cole concluded.

Walking back to the room, I visited with Dr. Ross Rumph from Enid. He is a retired physician who now participates in medical mission trips throughout the world. What a gracious man. His wife Mary is the former Oklahoma National Committeewoman.

There are a multitude of events and receptions today- the convention starts tonight with a full schedule.

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