Monday, June 16, 2014


Weekly Opinion Editorial

by Steve Fair

     Former first lady/Senator/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has released a new book entitled, “Hard Choices.”  In the book, she claims to give a behind the scenes look at the Benghazi situation and other matters during her tenure as Secretary of State.  The title implies she had to make some ‘hard choices.’ as the nation’s highest diplomat.  She also claims when former President Clinton left office, they were broke.  She has since attempted to retract that absurdity.  Even her supporters found it laughable.  She ends the book by saying she is still ‘undecided’ as to whether she will run for the Democrat nomination in 2016. 

     Four thoughts:

     First, the book, “Hard Choices,” is bland and boring.  Clinton wrote this book to enhance her image- nothing more or less.  According to the New York Post, Clinton wrote “a careful book” – reviewer code for boring.  “Judged as a political document, the book will probably serve Clinton well. It includes a forceful defense of her role in Benghazi, along with many believable passages about her enduring love for her sometimes faithless husband, Bill. There’s nothing here that seems likely to get her in trouble with anyone, which is doubtless good politics but a bad thing to say about a memoir,” The Post concluded.  Even the NY Times, a bastion of liberalism, said the book contained, “nothing new.”   

     Second, Clinton is running for President.  In fact, she has never stopped.  Every move she has made in the past ten years has been to enhance her electability- either for the Senate or the nation’s highest office.  She is a politico- that is her career.  She doesn’t even attempt to hide her ambition.  This book and every speech she makes and every book signing she is doing is focused with the goal of getting her the Democrat nomination in 2016.  She’s running- make no mistake about it.  If there is one choice she has every made that wasn’t hard for her, it was running for President.

     Third, Hillary is much more liberal than Bill.  Bill Clinton was more obsessed with power than he was policy.  He could (and did) change his position on policy to stay in power.  Bill could be a liberal or a conservative, depending on which way the winds were blowing that day.  Strong convictions are not his strength.  Bill could work with Republicans.  He actually did some things that would be considered more conservative than either of the President Bushs, but Hillary is not Bill.  She believes the liberal agenda is the right one for the country.  Hillary met the radical socialist Saul Alinsky when she was only fourteen.  Alinksy, who wrote, ‘Rules for Radical,” is also a favorite of President Obama, but Clinton idealized Alinksy.  In fact her senior thesis in college was entitled,  There Is Only the Fight . .  An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.”  Hillary believes government is the answer for everything.  She was attempting to push socialized medicine down the nation’s throats years before ObamaCare.    I’m not sure our country could survive back-to-back socialist leaders.

     Fourth, Hillary is electable.  To my conservative friends who disagree, I merely point out that she has a base of support among women no Republican has at this point.  Hillary Clinton could be our next President.  There are almost enough people who believe that government needs to be bigger and that we are not taxed enough, for her to win.  She is not likable, but she is electable, make no mistake about it.

     The 2016 election is not just about leadership of our country- it’s about surviving as America.  I’m talking about the America the founders envisioned, not the America that has evolved after a century of government growth and giveaways.  We need a ‘risk taker’ in the Republican ranks who is willing to tell the truth about our fiscal condition and our failed foreign policy.  We need a leader who will stress personal responsibility and not government intervention.  Pray that God will raise up such a leader.  If He doesn’t we are doomed. 

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