Monday, June 9, 2014


Weekly Opinion/Editorial
by Steve Fair

     It appears the Obama administration plans to house young illegal immigrant children at Fort Sill.  It’s unclear exactly how many kids are involved, but 600 were supposedly placed at Sill yesterday.  Most of the minors are 13 to 17 years old and generally come from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, or Guatemala.  Many are here because they already have a parent in the U.S. — and who also crossed the border illegally. 
     Congressman Tom Cole, (R-Moore), is opposed to the idea as is U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe, (R-Tulsa).  Neither of the two lawmakers was given advance notice by the Department of Homeland Security of the plan to bring illegals to Fort Sill. 
     Cole said he was "astonished and upset” with the lack of communication from the Obama administration.  "The manner in which we have been informed of this decision allows almost no time to protest its implementation, to consider alternative solutions or to prepare for the arrival of hundreds of illegal aliens at a facility that is neither intended nor designed for their use," Cole said. "This is incredibly unfair to the American military."
     Senator Inhofe said, "America has an immigration problem and a national security crisis, but I don't believe the answer is for our military facilities to be transformed into a center that houses, feeds, and cares for illegal immigrants."
     In a bizarre twist to this story, Attorney General Eric Holder announced late last week a joint project between the Justice Department and AmeriCorps to recruit 100 lawyers and paralegals to help the minor children through the immigration system.   Think of that- your tax dollars are being used to provide legal advice for someone who has zero respect for our laws.

     Four observations:

     First, America has to secure our borders!  This issue has been debated for years and frankly nothing has been done.  There needs to be a wall built and those who scale it are sent back immediately.  When we accommodate those who enter our country illegally we encourage more illegal immigration.  If the Obama administration wants to use the military for a legitimate purpose, have them secure the border. 
     Second, Fort Sill- and every other military installation’s- mission is to defend the country!  Being babysitters to kids who have crossed the border illegally is not the mission of the American soldier.  A military installation is a highly secure area that has a specific purpose and it’s not housing illegal aliens.  This President has done everything in his power to transform the American military mission from one of a fighting force to one similar to the Peace Corp. 
     Third, what type of person would send minor children across the desert in a foreign country?  If a parent or grandparent will send their kid across the border to travel hundreds of miles alone, they must either not really love the child or they are desperate.   It’s clear that America has something the world wants, but the amount of illegal immigration is placing a strain on our economy.  The American taxpayer can’t pay for everyone in the world to come here for free food, clothing and shelter.      
     Fourth, not immediately deporting these kids who come here illegally is really ‘de facto’ amnesty.  America should return these kids to their homeland as quickly and humanely as we can.  If we don’t we will be encouraging more minors to cross the border illegally.  In just the last year, it is estimated that over 100,000 minor children have illegally crossed the southern border.  That is just over ten fold in just three years. 
      Some argue America has a moral obligation to accept those seeking asylum in our country, no matter what?  Really?  That has not always been the case.  In 1939, the MS St. Louis, a German ocean liner loaded with 1,000 Jews trying to escape Nazi Germany, sailed to Florida, but the passengers were not allowed to immigrate to the United States.  They hadn’t properly applied to immigrate to the U.S. FDR said they had to apply legally, just like everyone else.  He wouldn’t make an exception.  The father of the New Deal said no deal.    Even a liberal like FDR understood the importance of securing the border.

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