Thursday, September 2, 2010

By Steve Fair

Lt. Governor Jari Askins is a very nice person- engaging, pleasant, and friendly- but she is not someone a true conservative should vote for. We should elect leaders whose views reflect the views of Oklahomans and will take on the hard issues. Jari Askins is not a conservative Oklahoman- as evidenced by her legislative voting record. During her twelve (12) year tenure in the State House, she amassed a conservative ranking of 21 as complied by the Oklahoma Constitution. That means that 79% of the time, she voted liberal!
In the race for Governor, Askins has done two things in an attempt to appeal to Oklahoma conservatives.
First, she has distanced herself from Washington and President Obama. Like most Democrats this election cycle, Askins recognizes the national Democrats are like an anchor. But in spite of her protests that she is not a Washington liberal Democrat, she has not committed to joining other states in a lawsuit challenging ObamaCare. She has failed to support Arizona’s right to protect their borders by suing the federal government. The intrusion of the federal government into our lives must be stopped by state leaders and thus far Askins has been unwilling to take a strong stand to stop the feds.
Second, Askins has claimed she has a history of reaching across the aisle to work with Republicans. That was not the case when she was in the legislature from 1994-2006. The last two years she was in the State legislature, she was the Minority Leader- a very powerful position. Let’s just look at her voting record for the last year she was in the State House (2006) and then the single vote she has cast as Lt. Governor.
These ten votes should be enough to convince any true conservative that Jari Askins doesn’t work with conservatives and would govern from the left. In her one tie-breaking vote as Lt. Governor, she voted WITH THE LIBERALS! Here are ten reasons (in descending order) not to vote for Askins.

REASON #10- HB #3120- LIMITED LIABILITY REFORM- Todd Hiett, (R-Tulsa), author 3/15/2006- Passed 58-41- ASKINS VOTED NO!

Vote to pass a bill that sets limits on attorney’s fees or claims. The bill also sets limits on punitive damages that can be awarded based on the net worth of the defendant, including not more than $20 million if the defendant’s net worth is more than $1 billion and not more than 4 percent of a defendant’s net worth is $50 million or less. The bill also specifies that food manufacturers and producers are not liable for weight gain, obesity or health conditions due to long-term consumption of their food product. Additionally, the bill prohibits product liability action against manufacturers or retailers if the product caused harm ten years or more after the original sale, unless the warranty by the manufacturer specifies a longer safe life in writing.

REASON #9- HB 3120- RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION BILL- Odilia Dank, (R-OKC)- author 3/7/2006 Passed 70-25- ASKINS VOTED NO!

Vote to pass a bill that allows public school students to leave school during regular hours to attend religious instruction once a week for up to an hour and still receive credit for attendance in school; providing that the religious instruction does not advocate violence and the school does not provide transportation to and from this instruction. The bill also prohibits any teacher from participating in religious instruction during school hours.
REASON #8- HB 2496- ABORTION INFORMATION BILL-John Trebilcock, (R-Tulsa)- author 2/23/2006- Passed 78-13-ASKINS DID NOT VOTE!

Vote to pass a committee substitute bill that stipulates 24 hours prior to an abortion that is at or past twenty weeks of gestation, women must be provided with information regarding potential fetal/unborn child pain experienced during an abortion.
REASON #7-HB 3119-ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION-Randy Terrill, (R-Moore)- author
3/14/2006- Passed 63-24- ASKINS DID NOT VOTE!

Vote to pass a committee substitute bill that requires individuals to provide proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residency when applying for identification documents or when registering to vote. The bill also requires any agency, school or institution issuing identification documents to report the names of individuals who failed to provide proof of U.S. citizenship or residency to the Oklahoma Attorney General and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Additionally, the bill prohibits scholarships, financial aid, or resident tuition to individuals who are not U.S. citizens or have legal U.S. residency.
REASON #6- HB #1792- ACHIEVING CLASSROOM EXCELLENCE- Odilia Dank, (R-OKC)- author 4/5/06- Passed 54-32- ASKINS VOTED NO!

Vote to pass a bill that creates the Achieving Classroom Excellence Steering Committee to assists the State Board of Education in implementing student assessment requirements. This bill also authorizes federal law to administer referenced tests based on the availability of state and federal funds. These tests shall be administered to grades 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th in the subjects of reading and math, and geography in 7th grade. The bill also authorizes the Board of Education to create and administer end-of-instruction tests in the subjects of English III, Geometry, and Algebra II. The end-of-instruction tests shall be implemented for the 2007-2008 school year. In addition, this bill states that any person of 18 years wishing to apply for a driver’s license or motorcycle license shall have satisfactory mathematic skills that are equivalent to an 8th grade level.
REASON #5- HB 1657- CIVIL PROCEDURE- Todd Hiett,(R-Tulsa)- author4/27/10- Passed 54-30-ASKINS VOTED NO

Vote to pass a committee substitute bill that caps noneconomic damage awards at $300,000. Determines that defendants are only liable for the amount of damage caused, and exempts schools and their educational employees from lawsuits if they discipline students. The bill also exempts volunteer workers from civil action if they were acting in good faith and within the scope of their volunteer duties for a charity or nonprofit organization.
REASON #4-SB1337- CLEANING UP WEEDS & TALL GRASS- Mike Thompson, (R-OKC)- author 5/24/10- passed 60-41- ASKINS VOTED NO!

Vote to pass a bill authorizing municipalities with populations in excess of 500,000 to remove any trash or weeds from property zoned for agricultural use if the trash or weeds pose a fire hazard, or are within 10 yards of a paved public right-of-way used for vehicle travel. The bill authorizes the municipality to bill the property owner for the cost of removal of the trash or weeds.

REASON #3- SB 2022- INCOME TAX RATE ADJUSTMENT-Scott Pruitt, (R-Broken Arrow)- author 4/10/2006- Passed 64-34-ASKINS VOTED NO!

Vote to pass a bill that changes the calculation of income tax for individuals and married couples not deducting federal income tax. The bill also reduces the percentage taxed on the remainder of income above $10,000 for individuals or married couples filing separately and above $21,000 for married couples filing jointly to 6.25 percent for 2006 and to 4.9 percent for 2007 and after.
REASON #2- HB 2842- MEDICAID REFORM- Kris Steele, (R-Shawnee)- author
3/13/2006- Passed 81-17- ASKINS VOTED NO!

Vote to pass a bill that eliminates certain State-mandated benefits in the State Medicaid program in favor of a system that encourages commercial insurers to offer varying benefit packages, all of which would include the federal minimum package of mandatory services. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority will formulate average costs per individual and provide choice counseling, as well as a grievance-resolution process for Medicaid recipients and healthcare providers.
And the #1 reason for not voting for Jari Askins for Governor……..
REASON #1-SB 1550- Reporting to the Employment Security Commission for small business- Charles Laster, (D-Shawnee)- 2/25/08- Passed 25-24 after LT. GOVERNOR ASKINS BROKE THE TIE IN THE STATE SENATE FROM THE CHAIR

Vote to modify and add requirements for certain reports to the Employment Security Commission and the New Hire registry relating to certain performance of labor or services.
Laster’s bill(SB#1550)added unnecessary paperwork and burden on small home based businesses. Askins didn’t stand up for business- she toed the Party Line and voted with the Democrats. The talk of bi-partisanship is just that. Don’t vote based on personality, but on position! The future of Oklahoma is at stake!


Jenni L. White said...

Excellently well said.

United Nations of the Internet said...

I hope you will post an equally scathing review of Mary Fallin's voting record. She has been liberal too, let's not fall for the "conservative" republican when she too is liberal both on the floor of the house and in the bedroom.

Steve Fair is a Jelly Salesman. said...


Thanks for reading.

UN of the Internet:

Your ranting accusations are both immature and inaccurate. Fallin is infinitely more conservative than Askins and one has only to do their homework- which I did, but thanks for reading.


FellowOkie said...

Dear Steve,

While I think your ten reasons are well thought out, I would have to challenge that there are also multiple reasons for Conservatives not to vote for Mary Fallin.

Lets set aside the actual vote for TARP (the largest step toward socialism in a generation). I'll even sidestep the Oklahoman's historic allegations about her charachter.

My concern is her inability to take responsibility. In her vote for TARP, she has said George Bush's pressure made her do it... she has hidden behind Dr Coburn's voting record, and most recently announced that she prayed about TARP and God told her to do it.

As Governor, who will Mary blame when things get tough?

As a conservative, I'm not voting for Mary Fallin because I want someone who has the power of THEIR convictions, not the power of whoever they listened to last.

When the Republican Party nominates leaders instead of lemmings, I'll be there with full throated support.

Thanks for listening,


Steve Fair is a Jelly Salesman. said...


Fallin is not perfect, as no candidate is, but when you have the choice of a proven liberal and a person who is infinitely better, you have to take the later. If I were you, I would send Fallin a letter outlining your concerns and see how she responds before you make up your mind.

Thanks for reading,


United Nations of the Internet said...

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your speedy reply. I must take exception to your allegation that my statement was innacuarate. Do you disagree that she had a sexual affair with a man other than her husband? Do also disagree that she has consulted with mediums? Do you disagree that her first vote in the legislature was cast durning the First Special Session of the 1991 legislature ( which was called in January before the Regular Session) to give millions of dollars in incentives to United Airlines? Which was only the first vote in what appears to be a trend of central planning that she supports.

Dear Steve, I have done my research and I cannot say that voting for the lesser of two evils is ever right. If you were given the option to commute the sentence of Adolf Hitler or Mao Ztoung who would you chose? That seems to be the option that we now have in November.

My entire post is to say that, I appreciate you bringing up negative and down right liberal things about Jari Askins, but please also enlighten the voters about liberal votes that Mary has and let the voters decide who is conservative rather than having you tell them.

Hopefully this came across as more mature than my last post.

LD Jackson said...

Thanks for posting these reasons, Steve.

@FellowOkie - Concerning some of the questions about Fallin and her TARP vote, let me point you to an email interview I did with her in August. I had questions about that as well and I believe she answered well. If Steve will allow me to post a link, you can read it for yourself.

Interview with Mary Fallin