Monday, November 5, 2012

The GOSPEL will change America!

Weekly Opinion/Editorial
The Gospel will change America!
by Steve Fair
    Nationally, I predict that Governor Romney will win election with 309 electoral votes, Republicans will pick up three seats in the US House and two seats in the US Senate.   But will that make a difference in America?

     To every candidate, the end of a campaign most often brings relief.  Campaigning is hard work and those who sign up for public office are courageous people.  Candidates put their time, talent and treasure into an effort to make a difference.  Only one gets to claim victory, but every candidate that throws their hat into the ring makes a difference.  They give the citizens a choice and without a choice, we get the same government we have always had. 

     I admire all candidates, no matter their party affiliation and even if I don’t agree with their position on the issues.  It takes courage to run for office.  After the last vote is counted, the results are announced, and the signs are gathered up, life goes back to normal for everyone except those who were elected.  They are now expected to serve and hopefully remember those promises they made during the campaign.  Governmental leaders should serve with an attitude of servitude.  All too often, elected officials don’t see themselves as servants, but they in fact work for us and do need to be reminded of that occasionally.

     Three principles that every American citizen should remember:

     First, God established government and those who won yesterday were put into that office by God.  He makes no mistakes and in fact everything that happens in a believers life is ultimately for his good according to Romans 8:28.  God sets up and brings down kings and rulers.  He was not surprised at the results of last night’s election.  He is in control.  He is the sovereign ruler of His creation.  While I do believe America is currently facing the ‘abandonment wrath’ of God on our country(the withdrawing of His blessings), rest assured God is in control. 

     Second, citizens should stay engaged in the process.  Why do we have corrupt leaders and a corrupt political system?  It’s because people only pay attention every two years for 90 days.  As Thomas Jefferson said, “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”   You can’t take a month or a year off- you have to stay engaged in the process.  That means staying informed on the issues.  Politicians have a tendency to forget their campaign promises once the campaign is over.  It is the duty of citizens to hold them accountable and to call their hand when they vote wrong,   Christians should be the salt and light of society and when they fail to stay engaged in the process, America gets the kind of government we deserve. 

      Third, we will never change America by electing more conservatives or more Republicans or more Democrats.  Until we confront the root cause of our problem,-the moral decay of our society due to man’s fallen depraved nature- we are just treating the symptoms and not the disease.  The only cure for the disease is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Christians should vote for politicos who will allow the gospel to have free reign in America.  

     Asked in the early 1980s by  Dr. R.C. Sproul  what the greatest threat to America was, Dr. Francis Schaeffer said it was “Statism.” Statism is when a society or government claims it is the ultimate reality.  This reality then replaces God as the supreme entity upon which human existence depends.  Throughout human history, governments have failed because they mistakenly believed they could change their direction by electing better men.  That never works.  The only hope for America is electing men who recognize that only God can change America and will allow the gospel free reign.

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