Sunday, July 7, 2024


 Weekly Opinion Editorial


by Steve Fair


     After President Biden’s disastrous performance at the presidential debate, he sat down with George Stephanopoulos Friday night for a 20-minute exclusive interview.  Biden appeared spryer and more aware of what was going on than he did at the debate, but the bar was pretty low. 

      When Stephanopoulos asked if he was going to drop out of the race, Biden responded, “If the Lord Almighty came down and said, “Joe, get out of the race,’ I’d get out of the race.”  Biden’s performance did little to stop calls for him to quit and let someone else run.  On Sunday, Democratic political operative David Axelrod said Biden is out of touch and doesn’t understand he is not winning the race against former President Donald Trump.  “He’s fought his way back from political defeats and against the odds. And so, his psyche is that he can beat anybody and any long odds. What he can’t beat his Father Time. And that’s really the concern here. It’s not about his record,” Axelrod said.  Three observations:

     First, Biden’s aging is not the only issue.  His advancing age and frailty should be of concern to all Americans, but his policies are the real problem.  A failed border security plan, economic policies that have resulted in record inflation, and a murky foreign policy strategy have Americans in much worse shape than they were four years ago.    Stephanopoulos, Axelrod and others have tried to hype the president’s dismal record, but polling shows Americans aren’t buying the con.  Biden’s approval numbers hover in the mid-30s.  He trails Trump in most polling with likely voters.  Biden is not just old, he is wrong.      

     Second, the main stream media is fake news.  Stephanopoulos repeatedly praised Biden’s pristine track record and how much of a humble statesman Joe is, while urging him out of the race.  George allowed the president to make an uninterrupted stump speech without challenging him.  Fellow liberals in the mainstream media called Stephanopoulos ‘tough’ on Biden and quite the journalist, but the fact is, the interview was nothing more than an infomercial.     

     On Friday, it was revealed two radio hosts this week were given ‘approved’ questions to ask Biden before he was interviewed.  Biden’s handler’s clearly fear spontaneity.  They script his every move.  

     Journalism is non-existent in main stream media.  Propaganda and advocacy upstage fairness, impartiality and integrity and liberal media doesn’t have exclusivity on one-sidedness.  There is a market to be told what you want to hear and modern media is happy to fulfill that demand.

     Third, Democrats are in a dilemma.  Polls indicate their presumed presidential nominee should withdraw, but publicly he refuses to comply.  Expect that to change in the next week.  Vice President Kamala Harris awaits in the wings and is already sounding like the nominee.  But Harris has been a part of Biden’s failed administration.  Her polling numbers are no better than Bidens and she is not popular with blue collar Democrats in key battleground states.  While she may be able to string together a discernable sentence, defending her own track record might be a tougher test. 

     Down ticket races are impacted by the top of the ticket and Democrats running for Congress are already distancing themselves from Biden.  It’s called the contamination factor.  Even if Ds are able to persuade Biden to quit, nominate Harris, 2024 is not looking like a strong election cycle for Ds.

     In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson withdrew from the presidential primary elections.  Challenged by several candidates, including Robert Kennedy, LBJ saw he was dragging the ticket down, wasn’t likely to win and pulled out for the good of the Party.  RFK was assassinated, VP Hubert Humphrey won the nomination at the violent, fractured convention in Chicago.  President Nixon won in a landslide.  Who the Democrats nominated in ’68 probably wouldn’t have made a difference.  It wasn’t their year.  ’24 is looking a lot like ‘68. 

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