Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday August 31, 2008- 4pm

Gustav has impacted the Convention schedule. It's been announced that we will not have a Monday evening session. We will have a short afternoon session to convene the convention. The schedule for the convention is up in the air at this point. It's also been announced that "W" will not be attending, nor will Cheney. That's disappointing, but the political experts say it will help McCain because Obama is trying to tie him to Bush. This will make it harder.

I attended the Video Blogger meeting at The Local in downtown Minneapolis. Fox News will have 30 video bloggers on the floor of the convention. We just shoot video and interview people and then drop it off at the Fox News studios at the convention. I met several folks at the reception. One is the current Secretary of State of Kentucky- Trey Grayson. Trey is a Harvard educated attorney who is in his fifth year as SOS of Kentucky. Tall, good looking, articulate, intelligent- Trey reminds me a lot of myself. He lives in Independence, Kentucky, a suburb of Cincinnati which is an hour and half from the state Capital. He said he might run for US Senate if Senator Jim Bunning decides not to run for reelection in 2010. Very engaging young man.

I also visited with Steve Baines who is running for Lt. Governor of Montana. Baines is a former Proctor & Gamble associate, so we talked consumer products for a while. In Montana, the Governor and the Lt. Governor run as a team and Steve and Roy Brown, the former Majority Leader of the Montana House, are running against Governor Brian Schweitzer- the guy who fired up the Democratic crowd right before Senator Hillary Clinton spoke in Denver. Steve is optimistic in his race, but he said it's going to be a fight.

I also visited with Ellen Lai, a Producer for Fox News. Ellen said that we have total control on what we film on the floor- be as creative as we want to be.

The Oklahoma delegation is slowly drifting in. We have a hospitality suite where most of the delegation gathers to visit.

The Minnesota Pioneer Press reported that five people had been arrested who planned to puncture the tires of Convention delegate buses, throw urine on police officers and generally disrupt the convention. It appears Gustav has done a more effective job than they would ever be able to.

The paper also listed eight planned protests by various groups in their publication. It included the times, where to meet and the details of the protests. St. Paul city fathers have been worried about protesters, so over 3,500 police officers plus volunteer or reserve officers, federal officers or the National Guard. The largest protest is planned for Monday and 50,000 people is expected.

When coming back from the Fox News meeting, I followed a small SUV with Nebraska plates. In the vehicle were five men. The four bumper stickers on the Rodeo were (1)OBAMA 2008, (2) ALLAH WILL ALWAYS SUPPLY OUR NEEDS, (3) I BUY WHERE I LIVE- A United Communications Workers Bumper Sticker, and (4) SOMALIA. I'm fairly confident these five guys were not delegates to the GOP Convention.

Some of the Oklahoma delegations went to an exclusive showing of An American Carol. Because of my Fox News meeting, I was unable to do it.

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