Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday August 31, 2008: 9am

Gustav is dominating the buzz at the convention. It's being reported that President Bush will not attend the convention due to the hurricane's likely path to New Orleans. The talking heads on TV are saying this is a real opportunity for Obama. It's amazing that politicians would exploit a national disaster for political gain- yeah right. We are praying the storm will shift and hit a more sparsely populated area than New Orleans.

The overall opinion of most delegates on McCain's pick for VP- Governor Sarah Palin- is positive. She is a lot like an Oklahoman. She loves hunting, fishing, has a frontier spirit and firm convictions. Obama's campaign team may try to make experience an issue, but how can they when he starting running for President after just 143 days as a U.S. Senator. Some are saying she reminds them of my friend Brenda Reneau, Oklahoma's former Labor Commissioner. That is a good thing- Brenda did a great job as Labor Commissioner. I actually had Palin on my radar screen, but because she was from a safe Red State, I didn't think McCain would select her. Just goes to prove that McCain is a maverick and "thinks outside the box." With all the Democrats "historical talk" during the primary, McCain may have trumped that card with this selection. Stay tuned- I'll keep you updated on what's happening in the Twin Cities.

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