Thursday, November 6, 2008

Boehner Likely to Survive Carnage

That's the title of a Roll Call article written today. But WHY should Boehner survive? After leading the House Republicans to two consecutive cycles of losses, Boehner is not being seriously challenged? Boehner has attempted to blame the losses on RNCC Chairman Tom Cole, but when you analyze the facts, it's clear Boehner is not delivering. There may be some truth to the rumor that Boehner won the Heismann in "pin the tail on the donkey."

No Republican has ever won the Presidency without winning Ohio- Boehner's home state. On Tuesday, Ohio went BLUE. Was that Boehner's fault? Since he lives there, is considered a leader in the state, he must share a part of the blame.

Roll Call reports that House Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) has scheduled a sit-down with reporters for Thursday morning where he is expected to announce that he will not run to retain his No. 2 leadership post. In the article it mentions that Chief Deputy Minority Whip Eric Cantor from Virginia will run for Blunt's job. Cantor had been mentioned as a possible challenger to Boehner. Congressman Tom Cole has announced he will run for a second term as NRCC Chairman. Congressman Pete Sessions of Texas has announced he plans to run against Cole.

Consider this: With the exception of Cole, ALL THE LEADERSHIP IN THE U.S. HOUSE failed to deliver their home state to the McCain column. Democrats' GOTV efforts were much better executed and effective than Republicans in 2008. In Ohio, Missouri, Virginia and Florida- the home of Boehner, Blunt, Cantor, and Republican Conference Chairman Adam Putnam respectively, McCain lost by narrow margins due to weak GROUND GAMES.

“It’s time for the losing to stop. And my commitment to you is that it will,” Boehner said in a letter to his colleagues. The minority leader must start by winning over his own state. Oklahoma doesn't just talk about winning- we do it! The nation could learn a few things from the Oklahoma "model" of how to win races. It's not all about fundraising and "branding." While important, those factors are minor compared to grassroots organization and execution that produces results at the polls. Boehner should start "walking the walk" instead of "talking the talk." He should be Tom Cole's biggest fan because without Cole at the RNCC, the losses on Tuesday would have been much greater.


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