Wednesday, May 9, 2012


My opponent for Oklahoma Republican National Committeeman, Richard Engle,  is claiming some of my supporters are spreading false information and lies about him and has called on me to repudiate the information and condemn their actions.  I have not seen the information, so I can’t directly comment on it.  Any negative information about Mr. Engle has not been distributed by me.  I have campaigned on my record of service to the Oklahoma Republican Party and have not attacked Richard- nor will I.  If any of my supporters are distributing information about him, it is without my approval.  If they are knowingly spreading lies and rumors, I call on them to stop it. 

In his public comments, my opponent mentions that we met and ‘warmly’ agreed to not run negative campaigns against one another.  ‘Warmly’ is not an adjective I would have used- it was more like ‘civil.’  We did discuss the National Committeeman campaign in Chickasha prior to the 4th district meeting.  He approached me and said, “I hope we can agree to not run a negative campaign.”  I responded, “I have no reason to run a negative campaign.”  The conversation ended there.  I did not compliment him on his activism and Party involvement as he states. 

During this campaign, I have listened as my opponent repeatedly describes himself as THE ONLY CANDIDATE….with experience, fundraising expertise, etc.  The fact is THERE ARE ONLY TWO CANDIDATES IN THE RACE.  His constant 'THE ONLY CANDIDATE' theme is a clever campaign tactic that allows him to draw a comparison to me without mentioning my name.  To continually refer to himself as THE ONLY CANDIDATE implies that I do not have those qualities he enumerates.  Instead of just stating his qualifications, he has prefaced every point with THE ONLY CANDIDATE IN THE RACE!

If we want to start declaring exclusivity, I can lay claim that I am THE ONLY CANDIDATE IN THE RACE
…to have served three terms as a GOP District Chair
…to have served multiple terms as a GOP County Chair
…to have served on the State GOP Budget Board
…to have served as State GOP Treasurer
…to have served on the Dewey F. Bartlett Foundation board
…to have ran for Oklahoma State Senate.
…to have organized a GOP fundraising event that is the single largest gathering of Republicans outside a state convention each year.
…to have all of my service through the Party and not through support organizations.
…to have hosted a 2 hour conservative political talk show in SW Oklahoma
…to write a weekly newspaper editorial
…to have sold cat liter and jelly (not at the same time)

You get the point.  THE ONLY CANDIDATE comments are meant to put down my accomplishments and draw a direct comparison between us.  I never mention Engle in my remarks-directly or indirectly.  I do encourage those who will vote on the race to do their due diligence and research the track records of both myself and my opponent. That is true in EVERY race and this one is no exception.

The real issue is what will Steve Fair do if elected?  First, I will be a conservative voice on the RNC.  Second, I will work to build our county GOP organizations.  Third, I will help educate the public on issues, and fourth, I will make building the foundation fun.   Those that know me know I don't take myself very seriously, but I take the cause very seriously.

I believe the job of National Committeeman fits me. Grassroots activists within our Party who have been involved for decades agree and overwhelmingly support me in this race.  They know I have been there for years and will be there for local and statewide candidates.   In addition, five people from Oklahoma who have held RNC positions believe this job fits me and have endorsed me. 

I have a proven track record of working and building the Republican Party from the bottom up. What we have accomplished in the Stephens County GOP and the Fourth District GOP- by the grace of God- is amazing.  I would appreciate your vote on Saturday.  You can call or email me if you have questions.

I appreciate your sacrifice for conservative causes and see you this weekend.


Steve Fair
Stephens County GOP
4th District of the Oklahoma GOP
405.990.7449- cell

 BTW: The 8th annual Stephens County Fish Fry is Saturday May 19th in the Stephens County Rodeo Arena.  It starts at 6pm.  Tables of 10 are $250 and that includes 2 tickets to a private reception/photo op with Senator Anthony Sykes, our keynote speaker.  If you are a County GOP elected official and you want to see how a GRASSROOTS FUNDRAISER is executed, buy a table, get your core volunteers and travel to Duncan next weekend.  You'll see grassroots volunteers doing everything and in the process changing their government!  

Call or email me to make your reservations today.   Win or lose Saturday, I will be frying fish the following Saturday to raise money to get local, and statewide conservative Republicans elected.  Come join us- I can guarantee you a good time.  

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Brett Dusek said...

"Second, I will work to build our county GOP organizations."

I hope this means you will provide openness and fairness to Ron Paul supporters whom are highly motivated to get involved in the local GOP.

What are your thoughts on that contingent of voters whom are young and have the willingness to be engaged?