Monday, August 20, 2007

Author Anne Rice wrote Interview With The Vampire, and within a decade the book became the best-known vampire novel since Dracula. She has written several novels exploring sexual and romantic desire and the spiritual world, and is a famous New Orleans resident with a devoted fan base. In 1998 she had a reawakening of her Catholic faith and abandoned the dark subjects that made her famous. Her 2005 book, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, tells the tale of Christ as a boy. I have never read one of Rice's books, but after she stopped writing the dark books, she has been an outspoken pro-life advocate. On her web site, she has announced her support of Hillary Clinton for President. How she can reconcile supporting Hillary Clinton for President is beyond me. You can email her at if you want to protest her support of Clinton. You can read her letter to her fans at

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