Monday, August 6, 2007

Oklahoma Democrats for years have maintained they were more conservative than the national party. Last week in this space, the position of the state Democratic Party on the Fairness Doctrine was presented. You will recall the Oklahoma Democratic party’s 2007 convention resolution on the subject was exactly the same as the position of the national party. And that is not the only position the state party takes that is out of touch with the average Oklahoman.

In a state where 75% of the registered voters are pro-life, the Oklahoma Democrat’s position on abortion is clear. In their 2007 platform, they state, “We support a woman’s unhindered right and ability to decide upon and have access to her own health care, including reproductive care; furthermore, the government has no place asserting control over health care decision made by a competent adult.” The Oklahoma Republican party is proudly pro-life and committed to protecting life in the womb. Polls have shown a majority of registered Democrats in our state are pro-life.

Another Oklahoma Democratic Party resolution concerning abortion reads, “The Oklahoma Democratic Party supports the reproductive freedom of every woman, which means that every woman has the right to decide for herself when to bear children, and commits to the correction of economic and social factors that contribute to unintended pregnancies.” The Oklahoma Democratic party is proudly pro-choice.

Oklahoma Democrats are also against the introduction of the teaching of “Creation” into the school system. Another resolution reads, “We oppose the introduction of any religious dogmas, including “creationism” or “intelligent design” which have no scientific basis, into science courses of public schools. We oppose the insertion of disclaimer statements about evolution into any textbooks.” Translated, this means the Oklahoma Democratic party is opposed to the teaching of the Biblical account of creation to our children. The Republican party- both nationally and statewide- have long advocated that both sides of the Creation story should be presented to our children.

The Oklahoma Democratic party advocates civil unions or same sex marriage. Another resolution reads, “We support legislation that would allow establishment of civil unions permitting the legal designation of next of kin and affording civil rights accordingly regardless of gender." The Republican Party has taken a clear stand for traditional marriage and has consistently defined marriage as being between one man and one woman.

The Oklahoma Democrat’s 2007 platform has resolutions on global warming, the reduction of gasoline usage(in a major oil state), and the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. There are twice as many platform resolutions on the environment than on economic issues in their platform. They take no position on the 2nd amendment (right to bear arms) in a state that has one of the highest NRA/GOA memberships in the country. They have multiple resolutions on expanding welfare and social programs with no specifics as to how those programs would be funded.

Under the heading, “Jobs”, the Dems condemn “corporations” repeatedly. Over ninety percent of the “corporations” in America are privately held small businesses. According to a number of resolutions, Democrats blame corporations for poverty. Never mind that corporations are just businesses made up of people willing to take a risk and go into business, hopefully to make a profit. These “evil” businesses form the foundation our free market system is based upon. The "jobs" they say they want everyone to have are provided by these "corporations." The Dems just don’t get it.

One of the Oklahoma Dems resolutions condemns American companies for moving their operations out of the U.S. The resolution says, “We support federal legislation that protects jobs from being moved overseas, allowing federal dollars to benefit the states. We support increased import tariffs to protect American jobs.” The Oklahoma Dems are all about jobs, but this is the same Democratic Party that opposes tort reform and workers compensation reform every Oklahoma legislative session. Their stances on just those two important issues have hurt Oklahoma workers more than any corporate fraud.

The Oklahoma Democrats have a resolution urging repeal of Right-to-work, even though it was approved by an over two-thirds vote of the people. They want to reinstate the Davis/Bacon Act (prevailing wage law). This is the act that former State Labor Commissioner Brenda Reneau got suspended because of corruption in Oklahoma. Reneau found that taxpayers were paying millions more than they should have because of over quoting of the prevailing wage by organized labor. If the Dems want to talk fraud, let’s start there. This was real fraud- and it cost Oklahoma taxpayers dearly.
If you want some good liberal reading, pick up a copy of the Oklahoma Democratic Party platform. One good thing about the 2007 Oklahoma Democratic Party platform. It honestly states what they believe. For years, Oklahoma Dems have dipped and ducked from the national platform. But in 2007, they have at last stepped up to the plate and clearly stated they are out of touch with the average Oklahoman. Thanks to the Oklahoma Democratic Party for being honest.

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