Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'NO LABELS' is a front for Bloomberg!

In a well written op/ed in USA Today, Jonah Goldberg discloses the real motive of NO LABELS. No Labels is the political group taunted by The Oklahoman as the 'gold standard' of non-partisanship in a recent editorial. The paper called conservatives in the Oklahoma legislature 'jingos,' whose convictions and values embarrassed the state and hurt business recruitment. As I mentioned in my post, 'Steele & Jingos,' No Labels is headed up by a former Texas GOP ad man, Mark McKinnon. According to Goldberg, the groups goal is to provide a platform for Michael Boomberg to run for President. Goldberg's column deserves wide distribution in Oklahoma, particularly since The Oklahoman was so adamant about promoting No Labels and their 'pure' motives. You can read Goldberg's op/ed in its entirety at

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