Monday, November 28, 2011

1 1 4 5 !

In order to win the Republican nomination for President, a candidate has to get 1145 delegates. With changes made to the primary system by the GOP, the earliest a candidate could gather enough delegates to be the nominee would be on March 20, 2012 after the Illinois primary. It will likely be much later because no candidate will get every single national delegate between now and March 20th.

Oklahoma will hold a presidential preference primary on Super Tuesday March 6, 2012. Ten other states, including Texas will vote that date, with 556 delegates up for grabs- the most in any one single day. Oklahoma has forty three (43) delegates to the 2012 GOP National Convention in Tampa. Fifteen (15) are chosen at the district level- the remainder at large. The delegates are allocated based on the percentage of vote for each candidate. OKLAHOMA IS NO LONGER WINNER TAKE ALL. Several other states have also changed from ‘winner take all’ to proportionate allocation which will make the nominating process last longer than in years past. It is quite possible the GOP nominee will not be selected until June when California votes. If most of the current eight (8) candidates stay in the race and spilt the delegates, it is also possible this could be a ‘brokered’ convention.
Conservative Oklahoma Democrats who want to have a voice in who the GOP presidential nominee will be should complete a change of registration form ASAP and mail it in. Oklahomans overwhelmingly voted Republican in the last presidential election- 2008-even though the voter registration favors Democrats. It's time those conservative Ds align with their convictions and re-register. Our country's future is at stake.

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