Monday, November 7, 2016

Don't Worry- God sets up kings and brings them down!

Weekly Opinion Editorial

And the Winner is…..
by Steve Fair

     Due to printing deadlines, this column is being written before the general election results are known.  As you read this, more than likely, America chose a new president and thousands more elected officials yesterday, but be not dismayed- God has this.
     Like every election cycle, when it is over, the political analysis begins.  Political consultants and Party leaders start pouring over voter data analyzing trends, turnout, demographics, and dozens of other factors.  That information will be used to affect future campaign strategy.  Political operatives enjoy the post mortem as much as a campaign.  Some observations about the 2016 election cycle:
     Neither of the two candidates for POTUS- Clinton or Trump- were without flaws.  None of us are.  Every human is born with an inherent sin nature- we got it from Adam.  Any righteousness we have has to come from Christ after we are regenerated.  In the case of Clinton and Trump, neither appears to manifest the ‘fruit of the spirit’ that Paul says believers produce after regeneration so in spite of what some well meaning Christian politicos want to believe, the next four years will likely not produce a spiritual revival in America spurred by the moral example in the White House.  The best Christians can hope for is a president who will allow the pure gospel to be preached without restriction in our country.  If that happens, God will take care of the rest. 
     Whoever won yesterday inherited a total mess- record unemployment, skyrocketing healthcare costs, mounting national debt, and disunity.  In spite of what they said on the campaign trail, neither Trump nor Clinton can fix it without the cooperation and help of Congress and the American people.  Our system of government is one of checks and balances.  The executive branch can propose legislation, but Congress deposes it.  Time will tell if the new POTUS will be part of the solution or the problem.
     2016 has been the most polarizing campaign cycle in modern history.  Insults and personal attacks happen in every cycle, but the incredible number hurled this year boggles the mind.  Donald Trump deserves his share of credit for that, but while the Donald was always on the attack, he was also the most attacked candidate in modern history.  The Democrats, the media and even his own Party joined arms against the political outsider, attacking his message and his delivery.  To his credit, instead of backing down, he doubled down.  Because of that, Trump likely has changed political campaign strategy forever.  When something works, others emulate it.  Trump’s true ‘straight talk’ approach to politics has appeal to the average Joe.  In coming elections, expect candidates, at all levels, to begin to be embolden and candid with voters.  That is a positive development in politics.  Americans are tired of politicians who tip toe around tough questions and issues and try to tell voters what they want to hear.  Trump’s style, while at times offensive and crude, has a candor and boldness that is refreshing.
     This was also a campaign with ‘precedents.’  Never has the FBI announced two weeks before the general election they were investigating a presidential candidate.  Most would have said that a candidate under federal investigation wouldn’t have chance to win, but the FBI pulled yet another surprise- another unprecedented action.  On Sunday, FBI Director Comey sent a letter to Congress ‘clearing’ Secretary Clinton of wrong doing in the email scandal.  Never in its history has the FBI so quickly ‘cleared’ a target in an investigation.  Normal FBI investigation is methodical, slow, through, and is never rushed.  The agency is routinely criticized for their lack of speed in investigations.  Both of these actions by the FBI were unprecedented.   
     The fact is no matter who won the election yesterday, they are not the true winner.  If you believe the bible, it is clear who controls this old world- a holy, sovereign God.  Nothing happens that He doesn’t have a hand in.  Daniel wrote that He sets up and brings down kings(and presidents).  That can be frustrating for politicos.  They like to think they control their own destiny and arrogantly point to their hard work and superior campaigning skills when they win.  While its obvious that God uses human instrumentality to accomplish His will, rest assured He is going to come out on top.

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