Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fellow blogger Mike McCarville ( that I include a mention on the blog of this worthwhile project being conducted by some dedicated people. I am happy to do so and I would encourage you to participate in the project. Steve
Oklahoma City's "Hugs Project," which helps our men and women in uniform, has a special request we're being asked to help fill. An email from The Hugs Project founder Karen Stark relates this: "We have recently been contacted by a young Army LT from Yukon. He and about 80 other Americans are stationed in Basrah, IRAQ where some of the worst fighting is taking place right now. They're asking for our help!!! They're stationed on a non-American base and supplies are difficult for them to obtain. I've promised Jay that we can and will help. I've gotten permission from our board to take care of their needs even if it means sending more than our allocated 25-30 care packages for the week. It's going to mean more money to go shopping too but this unit MUST resoundingly hear from us that WE CARE."

The Hugs Project began as a way to get neck coolers to the troops and has expanded as other needs were discovered. Volunteers make the coolers which are then shipped for distribution.
The most pressing need now appears to be money to purchase the personal comfort items the troops need, and to ship the boxes to them. "We are now sending a larger sized box that costs us $2 more for postage" the advisory notes. "That means that each and every week, we are spending $330 for postage or more than $1,300 each month...if you can donate money that would be a HUGe help. The mailing address is The Hugs Project, PO Box 6761, Edmond, OK 73083."

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