Monday, September 10, 2018

Blitz of Attacks on POTUS is not a coincidence- Deep State fights back!

Weekly Opinion Editorial


by Steve Fair


     Last week, the New York Times published an anonymous op/ed supposedly written by a senior official in the White House.  The article was critical of President Trump, his temperament, style of leadership, and lack of knowledge on foreign policy.  The op/ed comes on the heels of Senator McCain’s funeral/political rally, which featured politicos in both Parties , trashing the president, which followed the release of Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear- Trump in the White House.  Woodward, of Watergate fame, is very critical of the POTUS in the new book.  Mainstream media is in a feeding frenzy and hoping to hurt Trump’s reputation to help Ds in the mid-term elections.  Four observations:
     First, the New York Times is a liberal rag with no journalistic integrity.  There was a time when the Times reported just the facts, but sadly they abandoned that strategy years ago and have evolved into nothing more than a sensationalist tabloid masquerading as a historical newspaper. 
     Second, anonymous pieces should never be taken seriously, especially hit pieces.  This op/ed could have been written by someone in the White House, but it may very well been written by someone at the Times.  The Times has never accepted Trump’s victory.  Take the Times op/ed with a grain of salt.
     Third, some of the criticism in the Times op/ed is petty.  The account of how Trump runs meetings in the Oval Office- with no organization and repeatedly changing his mind, if true, is more about his business background than his lack of knowledge.  In high level business meetings, decisions are often walked back several times before a consensus is reached.  That can be frustrating to those who like more formality in meetings-military and political types- but in the business world, it is how things get done.    
     Fourth, establishment politicians, in both Parties, want Trump gone.  His loud, sophomoric style is bombastic and unconventional.  He never takes the high road when attacked, but hits back twice as hard.  His constant tweeting incites his critics and his rhetoric is over the top.  But while it appears the POTUS is shooting from the hip, his accomplishments say otherwise.  In less than two years, he has passed historic tax cuts, had one SCOTUS justice confirmed, another about to be, repealed hundreds of restrictive government regulations, cracked down on sanctuary cities, moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and much more.  The only way to slow him down is to flip the U.S. House from Republican to Democrat control.  That is why the mid-terms are so important and why this blitz of assaults have come so close together.   
     The Times op/ed implies an influential group in the administration- a so-called ‘Deep State’ (permanent bureaucrats who just tolerate elected officials and ignore their directives)- are running(and saving) the country by ignoring Trump’s orders.  If that is the case, they should be rooted out and fired for insubordination.  The ‘Deep State’ hates Trump because he threatens their kingdom.  The establishment wants a POTUS they can control and that’s not what America elected. 

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